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Volunteer with Us

We appreciate your interest in honoring the courage and sacrifices of our service members and their families by volunteering with the Columbia Basin Veterans Center! Please fill out the following information below and submit or download the attachment, fill it out and deliver by hand to the Front-End Manager, or email it to:

Download the form click here: Volunteer Application


Volunteer Descriptions:

  1. Mentor for Benton County VTC program – A veteran mentor is a volunteer who serves as a confidant and advocate for veteran offenders.


  1. Maintenance & Facility Support – Help with maintenance tasks around the center, such as cleaning, organizing, and basic repairs to ensure a welcoming environment for visitors.


  1. Tech Support – Assist veterans with basic technology needs, such as setting up email accounts, using computers, or navigating online resources.


  1. Shopping & Errands – Help CBVC pick up any supplies that may be needed at the center.


  1. Fundraising & Grant Writing—Assist with fundraising efforts or grant writing to secure funding for the center's programs and services.


  1. 2nd Harvest Mobile Market – Help assist CBVC with passing out food to families in need.


  1. Administrative Support – Help with administrative tasks such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, filing paperwork, and assisting with general office duties.


  1. Veterans Outreach—Help reach out to veterans in the community to inform them about the center's available resources and services.


  1. Social Media & Marketing – Help with social media management, marketing, and outreach efforts to Daraise awareness about the center and its programs.

~ ~ ~Information Contained in this application will be protected and kept confidential~ ~ ~

Apply Now
Volunteer Opportunities: Please Check all that apply
Are you a Veteran or a Military Family Member?
Days You Are Available:
** Volunteers must complete an interview with the Front-End Manager and attend volunteer training. Those serving in CBCV may be required to obtain a Washington State Food Workers Card Do you Agree to participate by fulfilling these requirements?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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